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Our Private Pilot, Instrument and Commercial Pilot courses (see articles) blend classroom-style ground instruction with the flight training portion of the courses. Our ground school programs include 40 hours of classroom time using Jeppesen courseware and we also offer a "class trip" to tour the tower and radar room at Jackson International Airport. Our instrument students receive an additional trip to tour the Memphis ARTCC. Please call us for more information on class start dates and course fees. Remember, it all begins with that first flight.

We also offer "Flight Crew 101" - a co-pilot duties and cockpit resource management course for the non-pilot. The course includes cockpit familiarization, an introduction to aviation charts, checklist and radio usage, and flights to practice using those tools. Please call us for information on specific class dates.

Our Instrument Refresher course is designed to stimulate thought about safe, efficient use of instrument procedures and to polish those rusty instrument skills.

Our plans include a weekend mountain flying course plus weekend (or mid-week) multiple sortie instrument cross country training flights.

Sample Courses:
1. The Flight Training Process
2. Instrument Rating
3. Instrument Refresher
4. Commercial Pilot Course
5. Flight Crew 101